All of us here at Coldwell Banker Distin

All of us here at Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties want to wish you and your famliy a Very Happy Thanksgiving holiday.

  1. #1 by todd conklin on November 26, 2010 - 4:06 am

    On this Thanksgiving day, I give thanks for:

    Family that are “friends”,
    Friends that are “family”, and
    The disclosure of those who are neither.

    Courage and Strength to endure the years struggles, and
    Knowledge and Wisdom to know which struggles were worth enduring,

    The Dootlebug and Monkey that inspire me do greater things,
    My partner, my wife, that prepares me for that battle each day, and
    My Co-workers, that make these aspirations “worth” it

    For the lessons PaPa taught us this year.
    For God’s embrace of the women in PaPa’s life, and
    For the shining “light” that has guided my Wife,

    For the prayers that God answered, and
    For the prayers that remained unanswered,

    For my faith in God, and
    For God’s faith in me.

    Todd Conklin

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